Jenny’s Little Green Habits workshop makes a debut at Timebank skills swap

Jenny outsideTransition Town member Jenny Coverdale has been working out what she can do to influence people’s behaviours and habits toward an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

She has been volunteering at Sophia Hubs Seven Kings and part of her role has been to help start-up businesses consider green issues right from the start and also to set up a Redbridge green business network which will hopefully launch soon.  She is also a big supporter of the Seven king Timebank as a way of helping the sharing economy to develop trading hours rather than money.

She decided to offer a ‘little green habits’ workshop at the latest community skills swap event.   She has produced a great handout called ‘Jenny’s Little Green Habits’ .  Please do feel free to distribute it.

She is also working with another Redbridge Transition Town member Peter Musgrave to take participatory environmental/green habits workshops to groups around the borough.  These are being piloted at the moment.  If you have groups that would like to hold one, contact Jenny.

My Evil Plan!! To drag everyone….kicking and screaming!….into a more peaceful, healthy, caring, nurturing, ethical and equitable, world. A world in which people, animals and all living things exist in harmony and maintain healthy, life-supporting ecosystems for a thriving planet. (Jenny Coverdale)

If you want to contact Jenny her email is

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