Mass Lobby – The things we love are threatened by climate change

cclogoMass Lobby of MPs about climate change on Wednesday 17th June

The things we love are threatened by climate change – but we can protect them by urging politicians to act.

Now following the election, we’ve got a unique opportunity to get climate change right to the top of the political agenda. In June, come and meet your newly-elected MP and tell them why fighting climate change matters to you.

17 June will be an inspirational day of action on climate change. It’ll be a chance to tell the new government loud and clear that we all care about something that’s affected by climate change – and we all support them in taking strong action to protect everything we hold dear.

Politicians hear a lot from people who have an interest in keeping fossil fuels burning and our temperature warming. Let’s make sure that, as they start out in a new parliament, they hear instead from the vast majority of us who want a cleaner, safer and more

What? A day of action on climate change. Thousands of us will come together from across the UK to celebrate all that we love, and meet our representatives to ask them to commit to strong action on climate change during this crucial year. It will be a day of great hope, a lot of fun, and a big step towards a better future. You’ll have a chance to meet other people who care about the impact of climate change, including from your own area, to hear great speakers and to help build a safer world.

Where? Westminster, Central London.

When? Wednesday 17th June, 12pm-5:30pm.

For more information 

for a lobby pack

For more information from a Redbridge point of view you can contact 07943986988 (Ilford Transition Town)



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