Green open homes 2016 guest blog – great idea if Redbridge joins next year

Guest blog from Shilpa Patel of Ilford Transition Town…

Here’s a great idea for Redbridge in 2017 – to  run a green open homes event.

On Sunday 19th June I set off to find out about energy and money-saving ideas that are happening in Waltham Forest.  This was the third Waltham Forest Green Open Homes, run by Hornbeam (a community and environmental hub).

So what was Waltham Forest Green Open Homes?  It was an opportunity for people to visit homes in the borough that have been made greener, warmer and cheaper to run.  It looked like something to check out so I went with hubby and kids for a visit.

There was a list of homes on the Hornbeam website that you could drop in at different times over the whole weekend.

Tom's boilerThe first house was Tom and Sallie’s home.  Tom showed us how he had double glazed the doors and windows of the kitchen himself with plastic Perspex.  He has fitted an extract fan that uses a ‘heat recovery ventilation system’ so that warm air of the kitchen is not sucked out and lost but used to warm the fresh air drawn in.   Tom then took us upstairs to how us his solar thermal heating, condensing boiler (pictured below).  The boiler provides all their hot water but can be topped up with a conventional boiler on not so sunny days. It looked very complex but Tom assured us that it was simple to use.

Next we went to Rebecca and Luke’s house.  They have a home-made summer solar shower that used rain water collected from the roof.  It was a warm day and the water from the shower had heated up nicely.  Rebecca said that from April to October the eco shower worked well.  There was also a composting toilet that used sawdust instead of water.

All our hosts had a wealth of information and great stories to tell about what motivated them to make these changes, and what they learned in the process.

I would definitely like to see Green Open home established in Redbridge.🙂

Ed: anyone want to help to get one going please get in touch by commenting on the blog below.

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