Yay! Mini Redbridge Green Fair Saturday 24 June in Barkingside Town Square

Redbridge Green Fair bannerGood news!  The Redbridge Green Fair Directors have decided to run a mini green fair as part of this year’s Midsummer Music Fest. The Midsummer Music Fest weekend has now been running for 10 years (Redbridge Music Lounge and Green Fair) and in recent years has been held on the award winning Barkingside Town Square on the Saturday.

  • Saturday 24 June, 11-5
  • Ken Aston Square,  Barkingside (by the Leisure Centre)
  • Music, craft and green stalls, community art with Darcy Turner

Stalls are £15

The main Redbridge Green Fair runs in Valentines Park on alternate years and we’ve just decided to complement the Midsummer Music Fest with a mini green fair. It’s been a late decision.  Please contact us about stalls.  Olcay Aniker,  Director

For  info on stalls email redbridgegreenfair@gmail.com or  ring  07588 504822 or 07957 534908.  Flyer to be added  here later.

Help needed to promote this and get some good environmental and  craft stalls  in.  They are not taking religious or political stalls for this event although they will be invited to the main event in 2018. The mini green fair  is partly a way of helping Barkingside Town Square build up experience  of running stalls under the arches to become a key Redbridge destination for markets in the future.

MusicFest 2017

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