We have been inspired by the Transition Town movement.  We are setting up this Redbridge umbrella group to help create and support local initiatives to make the Borough more sustainable.  For us ‘green’ issues very much includes people and community.

Our Vision is:

Transition Town Redbridge aims to create a healthier, happier and better informed population with

  • a much greater community and environmental focus
  • an active involvement in local affairs.

Redbridge should be sustainable for generations to come, based on the long term needs of our communities and the environment.

Click here for our Constitution

We hold meetings about every 3 weeks and want to set-up working groups (or give support to already existing projects if needed) on anything to do with waste, food, recycling, biodiversity, climate change, transport and energy conservation.

We had a stall at the Redbridge Green Fair in May this year but have mainly been working out all the boring but important stuff such as our aims, constitution etc.  Our next event will be to run a small event in Ilford Exchange on 25th October and then a first ‘summit’ in January 2015.

For the moment you can contact us by email on ttredbridgeorg@lists.riseup.net and follow us on Facebook on Transition Redbridge and on Twitter @TTRedbridge

We would love you to join us!

Alan, Ann, Begona, John, Kevin, Matt, Olcay, Peter, Rakesh, Ros, Steve

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